What is now known as the Yewtree Hill used to be known as Mount Gunnery until, we’re guessing, someone thought the name was too blood thirsty and changed it. Now we are bringing back the Mount and swapping the blood for paint this time, as this is the setting for Corks newest Paintballing Terrain which has everything from hill streams to woodland and plenty of places to get cover, so you can try and complete your mission with the help of your fellow volunteers!

We not only play for flags here at Funmanway, we play for prizes! Every group has a fort to defend and a fort to attack! Mission is to retrieve a key from the enemies fort and use it to open a safe located in your own to win a prize !!! Sounds pretty easy??? not really when you only get 3 lives!!! Grenades can be purchased at our cottage and the terrain is wired up with landmines just cause we don’t want anyone winning.

We supply the essentials  from the brand new Tippman F-T 12 guns and B-T Slices , suits, goggles to the hot showers, all you have to bring is your old boots and your game face!!



Paintballing Prices:

30 euro per person with two hundred free paintballs

10 euro per 100 extra paintballs

5 euro per paintball grenade

5 euro per smoke grenade

 There maybe a discount available depending on the size of group and occasion being celebrated

just contact James on 085 80 600 20 or email for full details!

 Click here for Paintballing Terms & Conditions

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