Do you think that if you are brave enough to skydive from a plane or even bungee-jump off a bridge, that you would be brave enough to ride down a West Cork hill inside a giant see through zorb ball!!..Ya?

Well, come to Funmanway and prove yourself to us, because what we offer outside the hill fortressed Cork town of Dunmanway, is as extreme and frightening as you will get in Ireland!!

We have the only cornered globe riding track in Europe running at over 265 meters and an even steeper straight track at 245meters! You can ride these tracks either harnessed into the globe ball which will send you ass over head like Robbie Keane or yourself and your hysterical mates can chill inside in an orb filled with 12 gallons of our spring water, rolling and sliding around each other the whole way down the back of the Yewtree Hill, for what will feel like eternity, ok well not really eternity, just a lot longer than you can keep up screaming  ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!..’

We have spent the last two years perfecting and landscaping our tracks to make them perfectly safe for you to enjoy. So you shouldn’t really be that scared because Your Safety is our number one Priority. But we do promise you that if you do make it down here, you can back out at any time with a guaranteed full refund so long as you’re not half way down by the time you change your mind! You can then either chill out by taking a kayak down the Bandon River or by enjoying a game of paintballing at Mount Gunnery.To feel the ground beneath your feet again you can take a stroll round our 21 acres and nearby woods and enjoy the West Cork landscape.

So………Chalk us down on your bucket list…


Zorbing Prices:



First Zorb Ride – alone or with a mate – 20 euro pp (inc VAT)



Purchase any one ride on any track and get all rides thereafter for any track single, double or treble for only 15 euro per person per ride all day long.



Any two rides +Pro Cam video +Funmanway T-shirt -60 euro pp (inc VAT)



Rental of T-shirt and shorts for hydro zorbing -5 euro


There maybe a discount available depending on the size of group and occasion being celebrated.

just contact James on 085 80 600 20 or email info@funmanway.ie for full details! A €5 fee will be charged to all visitors who only want to view our activities.


 Click here for Zorbing Terms & Conditions


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